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ASsalamuaLAikum... TErIMa KAsih kerana SuDI sTalk blog aKu yg hAngat² tahi raMa² tiut iNi... Aku taKdE dIARI sEBaB semEmangnYA Aku mALAS nAK mENUliS... Sooo, bLOg NI laH pENGgaNTINYA.. *macAm LA Aku nI RaJiN NAk MenAIp kan...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


aku dah msg dy...

aku cakap...


dy reply...

"hek... apa khabar??"


maybe aku kena give up...



ni tuk kamoo...

I miss your smile
I miss your laugh
I miss everything about you.
All I can do is smile and wave.
When I really want you back I care so much for you.
I don't understand what did I do?

I thought we would be together for so long.
You were so sweet and charming with you words you said.
But something happened I don't know what went wrong.
I cried so hard just lying in my bed.

I say I am over you but I really know.
I can't forget you and I never will.
I want you back and I love you so.
You don't even care and don't even know.

I'll never forget you and the times we had.
The places we went and when we kissed.
I don't hate you and I am not pissed.
I just miss you so but I guess you'll never know.